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  • 1. What kind of license do I need to have to rent a motorcycle from Moto Adventure Croatia?

    You need to have a valid motorcycle driver’s licence with no restrictions. It is the best to have international driver’s licence for motorcycles but, from domestic country is enough. For more info please call us or send us email.

  • 2. What is included in the rent of motorcycle?

    Price for rent of motorcycle includes: Top specification BMW motorcycle, premium class of service, unlimited milage, three panniers with security lock, basic insurance of the motorcycle, (but deposit must be paid before the rent period starts), transfer from the airport in Zagreb to Moto Adventure Croatia HQ, 24-hour support and many more… For more info please call us or send us email.

  • 3. Does Moto Adventure Croatia offer One Way Rentals?

    Motorcycle rental in one direction is possible only by prior arrangement and at different prices and conditions that apply. For more info please call us or send us email.

  • 4. Can Moto Adventure Croatia help me with reservation of hotels and other interesting sites along with my motorcycle rental period?

    Yes. We have cooperation with many hotels, B & B, accommodation with historic value, restaurants, historical and tourist attractions. Possibility of booking and purchasing tickets for national parks.

  • 5. Does Moto Adventure Croatia offer hotel pick-up?

    Yes. We offer a free transfer service to our HQ and back to the near by hotel. If we are unable to provide service, we will cover the taxi costs.

  • 6. Is there a place for me to store my luggage while renting a Motorcycle from Moto Adventure Croatia?

    Of course. We have a safe place where you can leave excess baggage that you wont bring along for the ride.

  • 7. Do you offer complete riding protective gear like: suits, jackets, pants, gloves, helmets or other accessories?

    We have the possibility of renting the complete equipment for the ride including GoPro cameras, GPS systems…. at special prices or you can buy it all from our retail partners.

  • 8. How old do you have to be to rent the motorcycle from Moto Adventure Croatia?

    You must have a valid driver's license with no restrictions for a motorcycle and a minimum of 5000 km experience of driving motorcycle. Please be realistic about your skills because in the end your and someone else life can depend on it. We prefer that our renters are not younger than 21 years old. Safety and responsibility first! For more info please call us or send us email.

  • 9. Can I add additional driver to the motorcycle I would like to rent?

    Of course, at extra charge and by provided a valid driver's license for a motorcycle and a minimum 5000 km experience of driving motorcycle. Same rules as for the basic renter. Always there is one who is the main renter by contract.

  • 10. Can I have the motorcycle delivered to my home, hotel, or some other location?

    Yes. For more info please call us or send us email.

  • 11. What happens if I get a flat tire?

    First You have to stop on a safe place and enough away from the road so that you are safe. Secure the motorcycle and ignite all four direction lights (emergency lights) if you are next to the road. On the start of the rent period you will receive a tyre repair spray for small tyre punctures with which you can repair the tire by your self, and if tyre can not be repaired by you, you will call 24/7 road assistance service on the number which we will give to you.

  • 12. What is the story with fuel?

    All our motorcycles are presented with a full tank of fuel at the start of your rental period, and should be returned with a full tank of fuel as well. If your motorcycle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel you will incur a refuelling charge.

  • 13. Can I rent GPS system for the motorcycle I have rented from you?

    Yes. We rent a BMW or Garmin GPS units with the latest maps update.

  • 14. Can I go with Moto Adventure Croatia rental motorcycle across international borders?

    Yes, without any problems. It must be agreed before the rent period.

  • 15. Are the panniers on your motorcycles lockable?

    All panniers on our motorcycles can be locked.

  • 16. How do you handle mechanical breakdowns?

    We will provide you with a road assistance telephone number which is on call 24/7. They will help you to get on the road as soon as possible or we will find solution together, it depends on the situation but you will not be left on your own.

  • 17. What are your hours of operation?

    Our working hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00-16:00 (08:00AM-04:00PM).

    For after-hours, Saturday and Sunday please contact us by mail and we will answer as soon as possible.

  • 18. When do I need to pay for motorcycle I want to rent?

    Motorcycle rental reservations are paid in full at the time of booking or reservation. If a motorcycle upgrade is requested and available during pick-up, or if you would like to add a GPS, tank bag, helmet, or other items while you are at our location you may do so at extra charge. If you would like to upgrade your gear or insurance, you can do it directly before the rent or during process of booking the rent. For more info please call us or send us email.

  • 19. How are rental rates calculated?

    Rental rates are based on 24 hour period.

    Motorcycles can be rented for a minimum of 3 days. If you pick up the bike at 08:00 AM first day it is due back by 08:00 AM third day.

  • 20. Can I power items such as GPS, iPod, or other devises while we are riding?

    Yes. Our Premium BMW motorcycles have power outlets built into the dashboard.

  • 21. Can I use my own GPS or some Electronic Device that I like?

    Unfortunately no, there are so many varieties of electronic devices out there that we cannot offer installation service.

  • 22. How does the security deposit (credit card authorization) work?

    We can take the security deposit from you in several ways: from your credit card, in cash money or by bank transfer. Deposit must be on our account before motorcycle handover and beginning of the rent period. Security deposit will be deducted against the available balance on your credit card. Please make sure that there is enough money if we are speaking about the credit card. Once your motorcycle is returned on time and it is free of damage the security deposit will be released and returned to you. For this question visit our official website and look under Terms and Conditions or contact us phone or by email.

  • 23. Will you provide an orientation course to me for the rented motorcycle?

    Yes. Once you complete your quick rental check-in at our location one of our team members will provide a comprehensive orientation of your Moto Adventure Croatia rental motorcycle.

  • 24. Does Moto Adventure Croatia have rain suits available for rent or purchase?

    You can only buy rain gear from us at special prices.

  • 25. Does Moto Adventure Croatia offer any discounts on rental deals?

    Yes, we are happy to do it for our customers. Moto Adventure Croatia offers a special discounts to returning customers or if you bring your friends for the first time.

  • 26. Does Moto Adventure Croatia offer helmets with communication option?

    No, we do not offer helmets with communication option, helmet communication devices are available for purchase at companies that we work with if you wish.

  • 27. Are your support vehicles available for rent?

    If needed, we can offer a support vehicle and trailer at a special price. This must be agreed during the process of rental reservation.

  • 28. Can customers rent and return their bikes after hours?

    Yes, that is possible upon prior agreement.

  • 1. What is a Self Guided Tour and what is included?

    Our Self Guided tours offer you complete flexibility to travel when you want and with whom you want. If you choose to travel with friends, as a group or just go alone you can be assured you will be riding the best roads available. All our routes and GPS co-ordinates have been personally prepared and checked by us with most being the actual routes we use on our guided tours. Our Self Guided Tours include motorcycle, accommodation by discussion and route suggestions.

  • 2. Can you explain the difference between a Self Guided and Guided Tour?

    The main difference between Moto Adventure Croatia Guided and Self Guided Tours is the support structure. Guided Tours have fixed departure dates, ride in groups along a set itinerary, led by a tour guide and travel with a luggage/support vehicle.

    In the Self Guided Tours, you do not get tour guide and support vehicle. For more info please call us or send us email.

  • 3. What is the difference between a Self Guided Tour and motorcycle rental?

    With a Self Guide Tour (A La Carte Tour) your motorcycle, accommodation and route suggestions will be arranged by Moto Adventure Croatia. As its name implies, with the motorcycle rental only the motorcycle will be arranged by Moto Adventure Croatia and you will be responsible for arranging hotels and routes on your own.

  • 4. What do I need to have to participate in a Self Guided Tour?

    In order to participate in our Self Guided Tours (A La Carte) you must meet the following requirements. Driver should not be younger than 21 years old and have minimum of 5000 km experience of driving motorcycle. Driver must have a valid, unrestricted motorcycle driver’s license and must be possible to provide to us a valid credit card, bank transfer or cash for deposit.

  • 5. What kind of accommodations you offer for self guided tours?

    We use hotels and B&B that are 4 and 5 stars where available in Croatia and 3 and 4 stars in other countries that we have in our tours. For more info please call us or send us email.

  • 6. Can we book pre and post tour nights?

    Yes, we can easily add extra days to the beginning or end of your tour.

    But this must be discussed at the reservation of the tour.

  • 7. Can we change the hotels/itinerary once the tour is booked as well as while I’m on tour?

    Prior (few days) to starting your tour we may be able to change your hotels and itinerary depending on availability. Sometime that is not possible. If we are able to make a change, a surcharge may be applied. Unfortunately changing your hotel while on tour will not be possible. Your hotels are booked in advance and once your tour has started it will not be possible to change hotels.

  • 8. Can we customise an existing tour or create a completely custom tour?

    Yes. One of the advantages of our “A La Carte Tours” is that they are completely customisable: You are welcome to modify an existing tour, and our staff can help you in creating your own “A La Carte Tour” with or without tour guide.

  • 9. Where can I store my luggage while on tour?

    For roundtrip tours you are welcome to store any suitcases/luggage at our Moto Adventure Croatia office. We don't offer luggage storage for one way tours, but we can arrange the transport of your luggage with some transport company that we work with.

  • 10. What happens if there is a motorcycle breakdown?

    We will provide you with a road assistance telephone number which is on call 24/7. They will help you to get on the road as soon as possible or we will find solution together, it depends on the situation but you will not be left on your own.

  • 11. What do I get for route guidance?

    We provide you with a guide book for your route guidance while on tour. The book will include route suggestions, points of interest, and paper maps. We also have GPS units available for rent.

  • 12. Is there insurance included with the motorcycle?

    All of our motorcycles are insured with mandatory level of insurance required by the Croatian Law of Traffic.

  • 13. What happens if the weather is too severe to ride?

    Weather conditions are not guaranteed for any of our tours. Moto Adventure Croatia can not be held liable for any unpleasant and unsuitable weather conditions. No refunds shall be granted for such conditions. Your riding depends on your own will and skills. But remember safety first.

  • 14. When do I have to pay for the Self Guide Tour?

    Please read our terms and conditions at our website.

  • 15. Is there a Tour deposit and how does it work?

    Yes, deposit of 250 euros is needed for reservation of the tour.

  • 16. What happens if I need to cancel my tour?

    For more information about cancelation of tour, please visit our official website a look for terms & conditions.

  • 17. Can I or can we start the tour from other city?

    Yes, that is possible. We can offer for all of our Guided and Self Guided tours and as well for motorcycle rent departure from some other city.

    For more info please call us or send us email.


Guided tour FAQ

  • 1. Can Moto Adventure Croatia assist me with booking hotels for before and after my tour? If I want to come/stay a day before or after the tour?

    Yes, your Moto Adventure Croatia Tour Specialist is more than happy to make these simple arrangements for you. We can arrange that you stay at the same hotel where you stayed at the start or finish of your tour, or we can make you reservation at another hotel nearby that you have wanted to visit, everything is possible. For more info send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 2. Does Moto Adventure Croatia provide airport and hotel transfers for my tour?

    Moto Adventure Croatia provides transfers between airport, hotels and our Moto Adventure Croatia location at the start and finish of your tour, as long as you use our recommended hotel partners. For more info send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 3. Do I need to bring my own helmet?

    Yes, this would be the best for you. You need to bring your own helmet which must be D.O.T. Approved for European Law for security on roads. To be able to participate in all of our tours. You must have full face helmet and complete protective riders gear, some examples (full face helmet D.O.T ., protective jacket, protective pants, protective gloves and protective shoes).  This is valid for driver and passenger. In case you have forgotten  your helmet or you don’t have it before the tour starts for some reason, we will try to get one for you that suits you if there will be enough time. There is option of buying one or complete riders equipment at our retail partners. For more info send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 4. Can I check my email while on tour?

    Most hotels we use on Moto Adventure Croatia Guided Tours provide WiFi in the room or in the lobby of the hotel. There may be cases in remote locations where a WiFi signal is not available or reduced, but this is rare.

  • 5. How long do we drive/ride each day?

    Our average riding day while on a Guided Tour is typically between 120 - 260 miles, with the occasion day that will be around 300 miles. Our groups do stop often to enjoy the sights and attractions, as well as to ensure the group is well rested and moving at a leisurely pace. For those interested in burning a lot of miles each day, you may want to check out one of our A La Carte or Self Guided Tours where you can work with a Tour Specialist to build an itinerary that covers as many miles a day as you like. For more info about this theme send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 6. Is the fuel included in price on our Guided Tours?

    Yes, fuel for your bike is included on all scheduled riding days.

  • 7. How do I get to the airport when the tour is finished?

    Moto Adventure Croatia will provide transportation to the Airport. If for some reason Moto Adventure Croatia will not be able to transport you from and to the destination, a taxi will be ordered for you at Moto Adventure Croatia cost. For more info about this theme send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 8. Will I get the bike I choose if I book early enough?

    If you book and pay the reservation money for the bike you want and for the tour you want, yes  Moto Adventure Croatia will secure the wished bike. In case we will not be able to give you the bike you wished, we will inform you what is more available. For more info send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 9. Do the participants need to carry their luggage on the motorcycle?

    On all of Moto Adventure Croatia tours there is a support vehicle which transports the luggage. All of our motorcycles have luggage panniers where you can put some of your luggage. From our experience you can have enough space to carry clothes for driver and passenger, some smaller things for 2 to 3 days of stay somewhere. For more info send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 10. How many people are in a group?

    We typically keep our groups to around 6 motorcycles.

  • 11. What are the hotels like on a guided tour?

    Accommodations are a very important part of the Moto Adventure Croatia Tour Experience, so we only stay in hotels and B&B’s that have come to meet the high Moto Adventure Croatia standards. We always choose a nice theme hotels focusing on hotels and B&B’s that are representative of the region we are riding in. We are offering 4 and 5 stars accommodation.

  • 12. How much luggage can I bring?

    It is important to us, that each rider has enough gear and clothing to be comfortable for the entire length of the tour, so we recommend that you bring one large suitcase and one carry-on size bag for each rider and passenger.

  • 13. What kind of insurance do you recommend?

    We recommend that you insure your self and your passenger locally in the country from which you are coming. We don't do deal with insurances but if needed we can help you with one of our partner insurance companies. For more info about this theme send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 14. Does all of your motorcycles have insurance?

    All Moto Adventure Croatia Motorcycles are insured with basic vehicle insurance. Deposit is required directly before the tour/rent period begins. For more info send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 15. What if my flight is delayed or if I miss the flight and I can not make it on time when the tour starts?

    Please try to book your flights so that this risk for you is minimised. We always suggest to our clients that they book flights and that the arrival time for them is one day/night before the tour starts. This way there is no stress factor involved and you will feel much more relaxed. There is also welcome dinner which you need to attend because of informations about the tour and getting to know your tour guide. Unfortunately if you are delayed so that your arrival time is after the morning of tour starting, tour will start without you. On some tours there is possibility that you join the tour somewhere on the way because you were delayed but at extra costs. If something like this happens you must inform us during the period of your delayed travel. For more info about this theme send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 16. Do you require certain experience to participate in a guided tour?

    We would never turn anybody down because he or she does not have a certain amount of experience. But for your own safety and level of comfort we recommend that driver is not younger than 21 years old and that he or she have at least 5000 km of experience on motorcycle, so that riding a motorcycle through a curves does not make you nervous or apprehensive. You should be comfortable riding a touring motorcycle on an interstate, as well as through mountain passes. Please be realistic with your driving skills before you book the tour. For more info please give us a call or send us email.

  • 17. Do I have to pay a deposit to make a reservation?

    Yes. Deposit and our confirmation email conclude the reservation.

  • 18. Will there be enough photo stops on a guided tour?

    Of course. Our tours go through beautiful landscapes, historic sites and of course the beautiful Adriatic coast. All of our tours with a tour guide have included a photo package and beside that you will always have time to make your own photos.

  • 19. Do the prices vary by bike model?

    Yes, on our official website you have prices of tours with every motorcycle in our offer.

  • 20. Do I need to bring my own rain gear?

    Yes if you have one, although you can choose to buy this when you arrive at Moto Adventure Croatia if you like. Remember! To be dry on the motorcycle is very important for you, so that you don't ruin your tour trip if you get ill or catch a cold. This is how you can minimize this and more...

  • 21. Do I need a motorcycle drivers license to take part in a guided tour?

    Yes, a valid motorcycle driver’s license from your home country is mandatory to take part in a guided tour or rent of any motorcycle.

  • 22. I am owner of a motorcycle; can I ride my own motorcycle on a guided tour?

    Yes, you can bring your own bike. For the cost of the tour please send us an email or visit our web paige. However you are then responsible for the transport of your motorcycle to and from the tour start and finish.

  • 23. Do I have to stay with the group at all times?

    Yes. Guided tours are based on a group ride with a tour guide, where you can follow your tour guide and do not think that you gave a stray or not and what do you need to visit. It's all taken care for you. On the rest days where is aloud you can do your own thing if you wish with our tour guide recommendation also if you wish.

  • 24. Can I swap bikes with another person in my group?

    No. All participants will use the same motorcycle from start to end of the tour.

  • 25. What kind of clothes should I bring on a motorcycle tour?

    For Moto Adventure Croatia is very important that you have all protective gear for driving. For time when you are not riding please check the weather reports from area that we will be driving or passing and bring your self enough cloths that you are covered for all weather conditions. Please don't overdo it. This does not mean that you bring your skiing suit during summer or similar ideas. We can send you suggested packing list with some ideas on how to prepare your self for motorcycle tour. For more info send us e-mail or give us a call.

  • 26. How old do I have to be to go on a tour?

    For driver is minimum 21 years old and 5000 km experience of driving motorcycles and a valid motorcycle driver’s licence with no restrictions. There is no age restriction for passengers as long as you can touch the foot rests with your feet. We prefer that children younger than 13 are not involved. But this is on you to decide and to take full responsibility for that person. Please be realistic of the physical fitness of this younger persons as in the end we are traveling with motorcycles.

  • 27. Will I receive some kind of information about my tour before I arrive?

    Yes. Everything will be discussed and agreed upon in the process of booking the tours with us. And yes we will give to you info about everything once you book the tour.

  • 28. Can I drive in the support vehicle if I get tired or for what ever the reason?

    As much as we like to accommodate all your needs we would like you to understand that you are attending a motorcycle tour. The support vehicle is at your service for your luggage and is supposed to carry customers only in an emergency or severe health problems, accident, breakdown of motorcycle etc.

  • 29. Do I have to wear a helmet?

    Yes. In Europe, Croatia and all other countries that we offer in our tours is obligated by the Law to wear full face EU D.O.T. helmet.

  • 30. Does all your bikes have a windshield and hand protectors?

    Yes, all our motorcycles have windshield and all of our bikes are full spec.

  • 31. Do you offer lower seats for your motorcycles?

    Yes, we offer lower seats.

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